BAKKUNDI. Please do let me know which family it belongs to…

It’s always amazing when you find something you haven’t heard or seen of. Found this unique vegetable in the market which is shaped like a button mushroom but ain’t no mushroom. It’s called BAKKUNDI in local language.

The exterior is very hard and looks like Tuber which is of Yam family. When I had asked the shopkeeper, even he didnot know anything about it. His vendor said its from Western Ghats side of Karnataka most probably got it from a tribe community. It grows exactly like a Tuber which grows underneath. It’s a staple for them by slightly crushing them and boiling them along with the gravy. I need help to find out what it is and which family it belongs to. Just want to know more about it how it’s used cooking it.

#culinary_journey #food_for_thought #bakkundi #roots #tribal_food #tribe #karnataka #unique_vegetable #know_it #cheflife

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